Steam is new to me its comes with a number of computer games and allows you to update them from the internet using Steam. However it causes lots of problems as it is a complicated system that can interfere with the computers security systems.

So I have had this game Empire Total war for about a month, and all of a sudden it has started to crash and not work. so I tried several things including uninstalling and reinstalling the game and steam.That did'nt work so I've left several messages with steam support, but beside the automated response, Ive heard nothing back at all.

I'm not sure when total war started to use Steam but, with my current exsperince with this complex and quite frankley *** system, of requiring the game to be run on steam instead of the computer.

I hope that total war decides not to use it in the future. as it has been nothing but trouble.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Firstly, you complain about the game requiring to be run on steam. Its called DRM and its the reason you get the game so cheap.

It works exactly the same as iTunes and Google play. No different.

Secondly, why waste your time sending help messages to Steam? Did they develop the game? Do they have the source code to know what causes the crashed?

No. You contact the company that makes it, in this case Creative Assembly.

Or better yet, dont be lazy and browse a forum or two.

Get rekt and get some common sense before you badmouth a product. Peace

to Herp Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #1259889

As we say in Scotland. You are a massive ***!

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