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After many emails to Steam, I finall received a reply, that this was not a VAC Ban, but a ban from Activision.Have sent them a few emails so far without any reply.

Reading the community on Steam, there are 100's if not 1,000's of people complaining about this (and VAC ban). The only way arount these ban's (according to the Steam communty), is to purchase another copy of the game and install it using a new Steam account.

I wonder if these ban's are just a way for them (Activision) to make even more money off the users who get banned.Stil waiting reply from Activision, so we'll see.

Original review posted by user Nov 27, 2012

I have been a member of Steam Online Gaming for a couple of years. Sometime I enjoy playing online games, I don't play often, but do once in a while to let off I bought the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops II game a cou;e of weeks ago and have been playiing online for a couple days. Today, I tried to log on and play and after a couple of minutes I see, a message that said "This account has been permanently banned from playing on the Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Servers", When I was playing on one of the servers last night, some kid (yes, I am sure he was a kid, most of them are to me, i'm 50+), started typing that I was a hacker (cheating) and he was going to report me, because I killed him 5 times (he kept going back to the same place lol), everyone else in the game told him to shut up, that I was not hacking, I just old him "you're full of it" and kept playing, and ignored him.

I logged on to Steam and read their FAQ on the subject, which states they do not ban people because of reports from other users, they use an anticheat system called VAC, which checks you game files for modifications and if you are VAC banned, you will get a message that says that, well, this was not a VAC message and my files have not been modified. So how did I get banned? I can only believe because of some kid reporting me (what we called a bad sport). I sent them an email asking for an explination, but won't hold my breath. I read thru all the complaints about the bans, there are litterly 1,000 of the, yes, maybe some are legit.

I have $100's that I have invested on games over the years. The Black Ops II game was $59.00, and now I can only play stand alone, no online, to do this, I would have to buy another copy of the game????

I would like to hear from other gamers that use Steam and have been banned for no reason (do not reply if you have a VAC ban), but if you have been banned by a server admin, these are manually done by them, not by the VAC system.

I will wait to see if I get a reply from Steam, Then determine my next step.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Same here I got the deluxe version on the 20th of dec 2012 and just got banned today, no hacks or mods or anything.I sniped primarily and got many little kids mad at me.

I got a manual ban and no one from activision can tell me why I was banned because of some *** policy. This reporting system is ***, it needs to be killed. You don't leave reporting to the hands of the gamers, make vac do its job and actually research their *** they are paid to do.

If you think I am hacking rewatch the match since each one is recorded.:( This cost me $79.99


Eat ***.

to *** Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #590602

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